Sources for the terahertz scanner – TeraSense

Sources for the terahertz scanner - TeraSense

Good news. TeraSense now offers two types of sources to iluminate terahertz scanner linear camera.

Our Type 1 generator has a horn antenna with a specially designed PTFE refractive optical system. The configuration of the PTFE lenses ensures proper focusing of the THz beam onto the window of the linear THz camera.

The Type 2 generator is an upgraded version of the THz source. It utilizes our most recent breakthroughs in THz technology which enables the enhanced performance of the THz imaging scanner. The Type 2 module includes our novel reflective THz optics based on our specially configured high-gain horn antenna in combination with a metallic mirror. The Type 2 sources are made from exceptional IMPATT diodes that deliver significantly more power than the average diode.

The Type 2 source considerably improves the THz imaging capabilities of our terahertz scanner by increasing the amount of power reaching the sensor array.
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The experiment setup includes the following:

1. Tera-1024 sub-THz imaging camera (32 x 32 pixels).
2. Sub-THz wave source (IMPATT diode @100 GHz).
3. Computer with pre-installed TeraSense Viewer® Software.
4. 150 ml of water.
5. Diaper size 4.

The task of this experiment was to determine appearance of water in a dry diaper. Water was easily determined with the TeraSense sub-THz imaging system (described above). Liquid concentration gradient is observed at the edges of the wet spot.

Although, attenuation of water is very strong it is possible to determine concentration differences. To measure the concentration differences of water within the wet spot you will need to increase the contrast in the settings of TeraSense Viewer® Software and decrease time resolution.

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