R&D of Terahertz Technologies for Realizing Safety and Security

The importance of terahertz wave systems is now recognized worldwide, so development is under way urgently. This group brings together experts from the University of Tokyo, NTT, NEC, NICT and their collaborating companies. Progress has been made through powerful teamwork by Japan’s industrial, government, and academic sectors.
Terahertz waves are expected to enable new measurement technology for all kinds of analysis and security applications, as well as ultra-fast wireless communication at 10 Gbps. It is fair to say that the development of terahertz technology is a fundamental aspect of infrastructure for a safe, secure society.

Hangout with Dr. David Daughton: Terahertz Materials Characterization

It never Hz to ask!¬†Application Scientist David Daughton answers questions about THz materials characterization at cryogenic temperatures and high magnetic fields. He also discusses research being done with Lake Shore’s own 8500 Series THz system to gain insight into molecular solids, thin films and other materials.
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