Before the First Cup – 5G, Terahertz Millimeter Wave & the Internet of Everything 9-20-2016

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  1. Hello! I came across this video a couple weeks ago while I was researching 5g, I kept the window open and only just got to listen yesterday. I AM SO GLAD TO HAVE FOUND YOU! People here at home are looking at me crosseyed for being so interested in this. I sent these links to James Corbett at the Corbett Report the other day, I have some more squirreled away too if you are interested.

    While not really understanding all of the technical understanding of all of this, it sounds to me like they intend to beam down in a pulse 60GHz waves down to massive MIMO radio antennas that will bounce around this 60GHz signal along IOT ready devices, like fitbits, cell phones, washing machines, all this bouncing because the signal is strong but the range is small, they have to have a blanket. The 60GHz allows them to achieve wireless VR so people don't have to be bogged down by pesky wires.

    Many have tried in the past to do an internet satellite constellation, might have been Bill Gates in the beginning with his Teledesic

    There was the success of the Outernet, a file sharing and radio satellite constellation, with ties to George Soros

    Now we have SpaceX, Boeing, and OneWeb, OneWeb being heavy funded by Japan's SoftBank, Airbus, and I think I saw Richard Branson in invested with them too, they are putting up the start of their configurations in 2017, all planning to be finished and functional in 2020/2021.

    They have to trim a lot of fat out I've read, I think people might become responsible for paying storage “clouds” to keep all of their data.

    I see there are some disagreements going on about this take over of the spectrum. I've tried to understand where the complication is but I don't have it enough to say. Not my language really.

    Then there was this recent DARPA post to youtube
    program manager Dev Palmer of the Agency’s Microsystems Technology Office… His mission? To push electronic and electromagnetic technology along new frontiers that could lead to more capable radar, electronic warfare, and communications systems, and even to entirely new technologies.
    "Voices from DARPA" Podcast, Episode 4: The Terahertzian

    My first thoughts were safety of such a powerful wave bouncing all around us all of the time and blasting in peoples eyeballs as they dream their days away with VR, and of the control factor. How many companies control the media? How many companies will control the spectrum, the internet?

    Effects of 5G Radiation on the Human Body

    This is your only show I've heard so far, but having looked at the titles of your others, I know it won't be the last! I have things to say on the eugenics side of things that I've not heard anyone on youtube discussing, I'm excited to hear your information. You can expect to hear from me again! Thanks for existing! You have a fantastic day!!

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