Advantest’s TAS7500 Terahertz Spectroscopy/Imaging System

The TAS7500 THz Spectroscopy/Imaging System uses proprietary terahertz wave technology to acquire characteristic spectra based on crystalline structure and 3D images, to yield tablet coating thickness and uniformity and the non-destructive detection
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We Solve for X: Ehsan Afshari on low-cost terahertz

Problem: The terahertz range (300 GHz to 3 THz) is the last part of the electromagnetic spectrum that does not have an inexpensive, accessible technology to emit and detect the light.

Solution: Use a number of inexpensive and small CMOS chips that can work together to emit terahertz light above 1mW, enough to use for many interesting applications in medicine, imaging and communications.

Breakthrough technology that might make it possible: Ehsan and his team at Cornell use several technical tricks to trick CMOS chips to produce electromagnetic waves in the terahertz range.

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